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GolfLogic Retail

About Us

Effectively running a golf shop to ensure profitability and customer engagement is one of the most daunting aspects of managing your business. There are countless factors to consider and multiple arms of the business that need tight supervision. Founder of GolfLogic Retail Mark Bergman leverages his 20 years of club experience and certification as a PGA professional to help clubs streamline their operations, boost revenues, and raise their profile.


Golf delivers a power-packed experience to your clients. Whether they are playing for relaxation, a social or business occasion, or to strike a competitive chord with fellow golfers, offering a rewarding experience can help you stand out. Let us help you save more money and more time, while alleviating your stress.

GolfLogic Retail

Our Mission


Profitability, efficiency, and customer engagement are at the heart of GolfLogic Retail’s mission.


We offer prestige consulting for your golf shop’s operations to ensure that you boost revenues and forge a sustainable path to growth. Our experts will consult your business precisely to ensure your members and customers utilize your golf shop to its fullest potential, ultimately taking your profitability to a whole new level.

GolfLogic Retail

Our Vision


The recognized leader in delivering profits and customer experience to golf shops throughout the Midwest.


Clients spend more when they know they are in a comfortable, entertaining, and enjoyable environment. Our expertise will curate that atmosphere, ensuring that profits grow beyond expectation.

GolfLogic Retail

Our Values


We run our service by seven core values at GolfLogic Retail – Honesty, Professionalism, Expertise, Value, Accountability, Quality, and Passion.


We understand time is of the essence, and as a golf professional or golf shop manager, you are being asked to do more and more each year. You have been handling a lot of different aspects of your business, and managing the retail aspect on top of it seems an extra burden. By tapping into our services, you can take the time and stress out of the equation, so that you can spend quality time in handling other important tasks.

GolfLogic Retail

Our Promise


GolfLogic Retail always lays out a simple promise to our clients – more money, more time, and less stress. Let our consulting services take the reins on your golf shop to free you up to focus on other operations. Start to enjoy managing your golf club and watch the rewards flow.

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